Project Zanottar Update: A new perspective

First of all, don’t you guys loved the new banner? :D

This post will introduce one of the greatest changes we made to the game until now: Our preliminary idea was to use a voxel engine on a 2D world like terraria does, which would give us a lot of flexibility in terms of terrain placement, but as we toyed with the game we couldn’t stop thinking on how much power we had for using on too little perspective, and decided to test adding some Z do the world.

Yeah, we changed the perspective.

Imagine the possibilities: creating dungeons that only a small part of it (the room where you are) can be visible: the other rooms will be opaque, so no more reckless dungeoning for you! Which is nice as we’re trying to deviate from the action/rpg to tactical/rpg.Imagine having the ability to place windows on your castle, and let the light reflect the inner objects and people on it, giving a true living “building” aspect to it. There’s much less enforced limits to what you can do and this is an excellent thing.

And oh boy, we’re struggling here to stop “testing” and do some real work haha! I guess the new perspective was a good choice :)

Here is the first video footage showing the new perspective, our raw GUI, and the build/construct process (the final process won’t be this “easy” to create/destroy environments) cooperatively.

Here are some stills from our next armor design for construction focused characters:

Besides the perspective change we also worked on:

  • Designing and implementing the inventory system. That white ball is actually a healing potion, ready to be kick- er, drinked.

  • Enemies! We have one functional enemy working but chose to left on another update since it’s behavior is not complete yet.

  • Various graphics improvements (new models, new armors and hairs)

  • The next big change is that we’re moving to a game that’s mainly voxel colored. You can see that the player avatar and the mud blocks that fall when you dig are not receiving nor casting any lights, and that’s because we’re still working on the shader. Preliminar results were very encouraging, though.

  • We updated the voxel engine library and took some time improving it. As you can see mining is completely smooth now.

  • We spent some days tracking some performance issues, which are fixed now.

That’s it, we hope you liked the update,