Project Zanottar Update #3


This is a HUGE update! We’ve worked hard the past few weeks, and finally have something more than a small prototype to show off. This is a big milestone, at least for us haha :D

Here is the list of improvements:

  • Changed the voxel engine we were using. The previous one was a memory hogger and not performant at all. The new one is much much better, and we’ve did some tuning on it like adding multithreading support, which made it even greater.

  • Digging and constructing is implemented on client and on server, and it’s awesome! Not being restricted to blocks was a great idea. It will be easy to create complex and beautiful structures and geometry with it.

  • Now we have a player mesh being loaded instead a white block, may it rest in peace.

  • Added model loading and mesh/bones combination. For a MMO it’s imprescindible to have the least possible meshes on the screen for performance reasons, so merging the player legs, head, face, armor and torso on one thing is a great improvement.

  • We’re working hard to create a good atmosphere on the game, and light will be very important on that matter. So we’re working with real time shadows and mist to give a great impact when wandering through the world.

So, enough talking! Here are a few screenshots for your delight:

// The player, and the lack of light around him:

// The scene view without lights to better visualize the player model and the voxel terrain:

// Building a humble shack:

// Lights off, using a crystal as a natural source:

// Lights on, a better view of the blue crystal:

// Our models showcase:

// The grass biome prototype:

Now, we’re starting to work on the fun part: combat, enemies and the real player management. Stay tuned!