Project Zanottar Update #2

Howdy fellas!

This update took longer than expected, but for good reasons. We’ve been experimenting on how we wanted the grafics to be on client and decided to use a voxel (not a cube-like-minecraft) engine to represent our world data! This means that we can greatly increase the shapes we can build allowing us to create round structures a huge gama of shenanigans. This is awesome, I can feel the buzz words hitting us like a hammer haha.

Here are new screenshots for your delight:

// A scene view:

// The game view:

Note that there’s no bump mapping on the textures yet, so expect them to be GORGEOUS when finished. Also, note that we do not send the complete world data to the client, as digging and hidding your home under a rock will be one of the biggest features on the game.

// Graphics

On graphics side we’ve made some nice, sweet progress too! Here are some screenshots of our high-poly model:

// Server

Server-wise were now doing proper culling of player and objects, greatly reducing the amount of data needed to transfer between server and client.

// History and Game Design

The world is filled with gods and demigods. These gods don’t have an allegiance like the roman gods, and are mostly disorganized and chaotic. As usual, they are in constant battle to be the “next pass” ruler, and being a ruller for the next pass will vastly change the world per se, shifting materials and making new enemies to appear based on its own personality. This will create a new dynamic for the player, as each ruler will create a new set of materials, mobs and bosses in the world.

We’re also toying with the idea of enabling perma-death when night arises. This can be interesting because players won’t be compelled to explore during night alone, and attacks to different guilds can be set up at night mode, thus enabling the possibility of erasing it from it’s existence.

That’s it, see you later!