Project Zanottar Update #1

Hello everybody!

Since last update we made some sweet progress all sides:

// Server

We now have a basic server running, with players (more of a block than a player) running around, with world serialization and player synchronization working just fine! On this development step we made some early-on benchmarks using our heavily-not-optmized code to test bandwidth and processing (unoptimized code is the best code to test worst-case scenarios) and can say with some confidence that we’ll be able to host a lot of users in the same server, which is nice.

// Client

We’ve spent the last days working in a effective way to render all those blocks on the screen without stressing too much the renderer. We also started departing from the ‘T’ word as we’ll be able to have slopes and edges on our game! Some early screenshots:

The initial blocks: The new, sloped and edgy blocks: A glance in the old meshes: The new greedy-and-stupid® meshes:

// Concept / Game Design

Our game desing is coming up very well, we already settled up some key mechanisms in the game:

  • Perma death after some time / after some actions
  • The game will not be centered in XP/loot farming. A rookie player will have less advantage over a well seasoned player, but the difference we see in games nowadays from a char on level 1 and another on level 99 will not exist. Heck, even the term XP won’t exist.
  • We’re working in a system were the player character will have a short lifespan. This means that construction/building object and resource gathering will be essential to the workflow of the game, but at the same time won’t be the only mode of playthrough. In fact, different specialization of players will be a need to maitain the game eco-system.
  • The game will be mostly hard on general areas. We want to give the sensation of struggle on a world that is as hazardous as it is live.

On the concept side we’ve been toying with the graphics, shader and other stuff. It seems it’s coming up nicely:

Normal maps and pixels? yay!