Ok. Let’s remove some dust off here. We’ve been missing for quite some time, and that’s a good sign as it means we have figured out a way to earn money to eat, which means we haven’t died of being indie, yet. Yay!

The good news is that besides the day jobs we’re still working on games, and we’re super excited do announce that (finnally) we settled up on a new project: It will be ambitious, it will be big, it will be MASSIVE, it will be ONLINE!

Imagine a sandboxed, 2D game like terraria. Then take out all the fluffiness and put in a rpgesque, character centered world, with a greater emphasis in storytelling and cooperative gameplay, where everyone is a bit dependent of everyone. Then make the world IMENSE. Then bake everything for 20 minutes at 212º F and tada, you get our game (yet to be named)!

We’re in that magical conception/design phase, and of course the ideas are getting pretty crazy (imagine things involving sheeps and shaving them, or farming clouds) but we’re pretty confident that some people might want to play it.

Now, concepts! Just one, for now:


Now derive from this single pic with everything I told you, and meditate. Goodbye.