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Subtera is a MMO/RPG game with sandbox elements that tries to diverge from the commercial, mainstream counterparts of it’s genre by creating a unique way that players interact with the world and how he sees it’s character progress inside it. The planet is huge and vast, almost impenetrable, filled with new and ancient magic, old civilizations, dungeons, gods, good and evil beings and much, much more, buried deep down under it.


The original idea for Subtera (previously called Project Zanottar) was a dynamic 2D sandbox with RPG elements on it. In the midst of the development process we thought: why not use a robust voxel engine? Which lead us to why not give some small z range on the world? We also wanted to add a combat system that was more meaningful than just pressing the attack button forever and repeatedly using life potions, something more alike Dark Souls, so we did it. We eventually added other cool features like the contract system wich changes what you get when you die, the traits and perks system that changes your character and the inheritance process which preserves your most liked gameplay ended up forming Subtera game we have now.


  • A sandbox environment with a completely mutable world.
  • A contract system to give the player the ability to change core parts of the gameplay by modifying others.
  • A powerful, intelligent AI.
  • A dynamic quest system.
  • A realistic battle system
  • No grinding
  • A differentiated leveling system.
  • No pre-built economy
  • A perk and trait system
  • A inheritance system



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Subtera Credits

Anderson Ferreira Pinto
[Art, Modelling, Design @ Aevum Software] (aevumlab.com)
Igor Zanotto
[Business @ Aevum Software] (aevumlab.com)
Ozires Bortolon de Faria
[Development, Game Design @ Aevum Software] (aevumlab.com)
Victor Vicente de Carvalho
[Development, Business, Game Design, Writting @ Aevum Software] (aevumlab.com)