About Us

Email: aevum@aevumlab.com


You can reach us all at #aevum on freenode.net

Here goes the team:

Victor (scooterman)

Besides being named with a V, he did the programming on the site, so he’ll be the first. He likes to program open-source things, is nuts crazy about adventure games (Grim Fandango ❤) and pixel art, in fact, he thinks the world should be pixel art. In his free time he likes to do more programming, yes.

Anderson (mandax)

Neckbearded designer that likes to do art in the mean time. Of course the mean time of yesterday it’s the full time of today, so he is basically our artist now. He likes rock climbing, doing 3D models on blender, using cool t-shirts and doing weirdo stuff with a clay-like er, clay.

Ozires (ozires)

Ozires is this crazy egypt god that rules over the over-world. Now going back to the Ozires we know, he is a chill out guy who doesn’t talk much, and definetly doesn’t know how to do proper TV interviews (yes, we did TV interviews, hurray!). He likes to, you know, chill out and be the nice, quiet guy around, when not programming crazy stuff and solving creepy math and trigonometry problems or playing sudoku.

Igor (igorznt)

Igor is our head master, and having a strong temper and short stature, he is much like our custom sized half-hobbit. He also in charge of the moonstone project, wich is one of the most cool stuff you’ll see around, so go here and check it. In his part time he likes to go fishing and cooking, so he’s the official chef around here too.